Apr 11, 2022 02:26 AM
Jan 13, 2022
Today was a great day. We took a super relaxed approach, went boogie boarding another time, and just hung out at the beach. I’d say my highlight was absolutely boogie boarding, along with asking some people to participate in a 1-2 question “survey” 1. Do you like boogie boarding 2. How long are you staying here? I asked a dad and some kids these questions and they were absolutely ecstatic when I told them the two boogie boards we bought are now theirs. They are staying for 5 more days and I really hope they enjoy those things and hope they pay them forward. I also solidified a little further my “4DX” for my personal life to reduce anxiety and to move abroad. Stay tuned for more :)
Jan 9, 2022
HIKING - Today we hiked all the small hikes at Hale national park and took some time to check out the Slippery Sands too. We hiked at 10,000 elevation and it was overall an absolutely beautiful place to be.
Jan 8, 2022 Yesterday was full of snorkeling, reading 4DX, and laying around on the beach. Also what was extremely fun was creating a “scoreboard” for my personal happiness and well being. I’ve started so far with gratuity, deep work, journaling, going to bed early, and meditation. I really do think to be as happy as consistently as possible for as long as possible, these are probably the best things I can do every day to help with that consistency.
Jan 7, 2022
Yesterday we went snorkeling for a bit in Turtle Town, thanks to the Snorkel Report Maui. We saw various types of fish, many of which I do not know the name of 🙂. Some rainbow fix, a big black fish, star fish, but the most interesting thing was listening to the whales and dolphins under the water! It sounded exactly like the recordings.
We also went to a Luau that was a 5 course meal, unlimited food and drinks. ‘Twas glorious.
As for reading, I finished Vagabonding by Rolf Potts. 10/10 would recommend. There is an infinite amount of incredible wisdom contained in that book. Here’s one quote that recently stuck out to me.
Those who travel the world hoping to get “blinded by the light” are often blind to the light that’s all around them.
So be looking out for travel everywhere you go, even at home, even in the bathroom, because “travel” is everywhere.